gps, yellow box, or other


i am looking for a system that can give me an accurate mph reading and was wanting to know which one most of you out there prefer or which one is more popular. ive seen the yellow box but i hear the gps systems have more info. also i was looking thru a jc whitney mag and saw an item that is used for autos but anyway you stick it to the windshield and it can measure hp, rpm, mph, 1/4 times and other stuff. anyone ever used this.
yellow box allows up to .25% increments.. but I think speedohealer has .1% increments.. and speedohealer has a much wider range of adjustment.
Yellow box for correcting your speedometer...
GPS for top speed, averages, etc....
Accelometer for conversation piece!
Had it dead on with 19/41 gearing. I use the Gps for top end the rest that is off with my 18/40 gearing is close enough for me not to bother with.
If you can find one of those mobile police radar units that as you drive by shows your speed, they are great to set your yellow box to. Just make a few passes maybe at different speeds and set the box appropriately. Make a couple more passes to fine tune and check for accuracy. Works good.
i still have the same ? what is the accelerometer?
a device that hooks up to the windshield and you do a run like a 1/4 or 1/8 mile run and will tell you how fast you ran a 1/4 mile and is suppose to tell you your speed hp and some other junk not sure how accurate they are :super:

it mainly used for testing acceleration

IE : acceleration+meter = accelerometer

used a friends once was kind cool but would not keep it on the bike

if ya want speedo correction use the yellow box

top end the gps :type: