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Hey I'm looking to buy a GPS to mount primarily on the 'busa. I'm sure I will use it some on the mnt bicycle and/or vehicle a little... but mainly.. the motorcycle.

I'm looking primarily at these two..
Megellan Sportrak pro
Garmin Etrex Legend

Anybody had any experience with these.. or another one you would recommend. Please keep in mind that both of these are under $300 and I don't see myself spending any more than that on any gps.. even if it tells me the favorite hiding places for cops... well maybe if it does that.. but other than that.. no.
I've got a couple of Garmin models, the III and the 12Map. Both of those were over $300 so it doesn't fit your price range, but I can definitely tell you that the Garmin's are good devices. I had lost the III, hadn't seen it in two years.

I found it the other day in my boat in a water tight lockable storage bin. Other than some rust on the battery posts, no problems. It fired right up.
I looked at the III it's sweet.. and If I still had a boat I could see tossing the extra cash for it. .. Anybody thats ever been in the fog on a boat knows what I'm talking about.

I'm sorta leaning towards the Sportrak because it looks easier to use, plus it's got 23mb of memory vs. 4 with the etrex.
Well I definitely see and issue with the GPS and you may want to reconsider. If you install you will actually know how slow your Busa is when it is behind the "Silver" one...
snyders2 Posted on Dec. 06 2002,10:56
Does the Garmin III have a moving map? I like the Garmin V, but the price is STEEP!!! [/QUOTE]<span =''>

Yes, the street map will update as you move along the map.

Let me know how hot that "Silver Thang" is when you kick butt...

OT: .. re: pot shot

You are both right of course that silver makes the bike faster.. but it's not just the silver.. you have to have the blue also. Having silver/blue is the best. Silver/gray is... well... something akin to grit under the tires of the silver/blue's.

Let the conversation resume! Game on!
Here we go again!!! The red is faster!!! Its a fact.... I would not own anything slow...

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Deepens what you want to do with it. Spped check just buy a garmin e-trex, about $120
I have a Garmin eMap that I use on the Busa, and a StreetPilotIII that I use on the BMW. I think that the eMap is the ideal "sport" GPS: low cost, useful features, accepts data cartidges.

The eTrex, while waterproof (compared to eMap, which is "water resistant"), is more a "sport" unit - hiking, camping, etc. The memory of the eTrex Legend is just enough to load about one "region".

Good luck,

Neat.. thanks. I wondered how much memory was enough. what is considered a "region" ?
That depends on the region (sorry, kind of a cop-out). Check the Garmin website here.

There is a map with data sizes for regions in there somewhere.

Good luck,

No cop out man. I understand what your saying. It depends on how much stuff is in a "region" as to what size it's gonna be... I should have realized that and not even had to ask. (doi)
Nowhere, Idaho -- 2mb
central park, New York --10mb
Hey.. I pretty much convinced myself to go with the Garmin V after I whined and complained to myself about the price. ($499@cabelas)The biggest reason being that it had the full unlock deal for urban/rural US included.

so .. hmm... on to mounting.. how are you guys doing it?

thanks for the suggestions..

I believe we have a winner right there.. and for less than $100 even!

Thanks JWC