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I put the hmf high rise on tonight but now I have a couple of questions.

1) after puttin the pipes on did any one have to loose the little arrow peice of farring betwen the tire and the split of the collector.

2) is anyone elses fit a little closer on the left side than the right, mine are almost sittin on the swingarm.

if any one could give me some pointers I would be grateful.


P.S. pic will soon follow

Yes left hand side is up against the plastic, and it will melt. Best way is to heat wrap and Dremel a 1/4 extra in the opening. Even if you wrap you can still burn score. You can also just let it melt which is not bad (very monor).

Also make sure that you use heat protector on bottom varing, this should have been supplied.

You should be able to fit the pipes and the plastic should bolt down. Give my performance shop a howler, use their e-mail. They can give you more details. Tell them Mike Thurow asked if they could answer your questions in detail. (Dave)
I now have pics of the pipes on the bike but having trouble gettin them up on the boad, have them loaded in the upload center but cant get them up on the mesage board, HELP!

From the upload center, 'login', then select your account from the pop-down menu and click 'View Contents'. Click the pic you want and a pop-up will appear.

The paths are screwed up, so just delete '../../' from the URL and reload.

A bit tedious at first, but it beats the crap out of those photo album sites.

I also have a set of newly installed HMF 4-2-1-2 high exit CF cans, I did a small airbox mod and I bought a PC IIIr. So does anybody have a good map that I can download? I also got my pipes from Outlaw Motorsports and they seem to have the best price, besides the lady at Woodcraft (the North American distributer for HMF) was rude as hell.

After you upload your pictures goto Log In.  Once logged in where it says Alphabetical Listing click the down arrow, click your screen name, view contents, click on file name of pic you want to post.  It will open in another window.  On the address bar copy the link address.  When you are writing your post and ready to add your pic click Image and paste the link address.  Make sure that the "http://" part of the link is only there once.  Click OK and it should work.  To see the pic in your post you will have to click on Add Reply or Preview Post.  Hope this helps.