Got out today


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Finaly go a day to get out and ride her hard. Burried the speedo and she was still pulling. This does not feel like it's going that fast. The GPS mod is well worth the money.

I hope everyone else has been getting out and enjoying themselves.
Yeah, can you believe it? Ohio finally had a day worth riding. I only put about 100 miles on her today, but that was because I had to put some miles on the girlfriend.....
hehe 10 toes up, 10 toes down a$$es in the air goin round and round.
Ya,it was a very nice day in Ohio today.. I did about 200 miles:) I have had no less than 20 bikes and ya, most of them were HD, included a 05 Busa and an 07 M109 but this 08 has to be the smoothest machine I have ever had the pleasure to ride.