Good Sprocket suggestion....

'silver bullet'

Hi guys......
Just wanna check...what is the best sprocket settings for my Busa...?
Well that all depends on how your bike is set up and what you wana do with it the current sproket setup won't allow you to acheive it's top speet potenioal cause the stock motors don't have enough power to pull that far most guy for cheapness of it go down to a 16 in the front and leave the stock rear cause it is cheaper and you can still use the stock chain as for me i went with a 42 on the back which is also very common and the stock chain can be used also with alittle streching there are even some people that choose a 43 and well thats maxed out with the chain your in as far as you can go now with the 42 sproket the bike will be alot more wheelie prone just to let ya know good luck
I went with a 16 tooth front, I really like it alot.

The 16 tooth front sprocket is better for launches and midrange. Also, you can use the stock chain, and because you're going to a smaller sprocket, you actually increase your wheelbase SLIGHTLY which helps keep your front wheel down. (the difference is maybe 1/8").

I love the 16 tooth front sprocket. It costs me about $30 installed, and the bike pulls much harder out of the hole, I need less clutch when riding with my wife, and I love the low and mid range improvement.

16 tooth has my vote!