Good News, Bad News


First, I'd like to offer a hello to all the members here.  I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to register.

Good News?  After falling in love with them in 99, I finally managed to find the right Busa.  It's a Blue 2001 with 2000 miles.  I drove 1600 miles over a weekend to get it, but I think it's going to be worth it.

Bad News?  The day I get back home with my Christmas present, the temperature heads for the arctic zone but I have to work anyhow.  The day after that, we get 8 inches of snow.

So I'm going nuts.  I finally get the bike of my dreams and all I can do is stare at it....
Welcome bud, yep thats the pits. Well u could allways get some of those spiked tires.

Its sunny here but my front wheel is off, as I sand and sand and sand and... polishing today, I hope.
Welcome, the good news good news is you will be riding again with plenty of mles to put on.
Official Welcome!

Patience Grasshopper, it's sunny and 65 deg. here in Cali but I can't ride either, things to do. In the downtime you can post some pics!

Hawaii we want to see pics too!
Welcome to the board. It will be sunny again it is just going to suck having to wait. But it will be worth it. Injoy the bike.
I know the feeling it has been socked in with fog, no riding going on. Enjoy the bike you will love it. Welcome to the board.
I hear ya.. cold an rainy/snowy at times...
Can only get better, and you have the Busa to look forward to!!!

Kent, are you shinin up your ride just to show off when you get to Monterey? HAHAHAHAHHA.... you live in one of the best riding weather climates in the world, and you have her torn down. Jeez.... A man in love is a man NO ONE can stop!

You are also welcome to this board by the "STUNNAH"
...You will enjoy this board as well as your new Busa...
Are you on my mailing list?
I have about 55 people in the St. Louis area on a mailing list. We ride just about every weekend when the weather is good. Details for the first official ride for '03 can be found at
If I ever get off my but and learn how to do a web page all of the rides will be posted there.

One other thing. Where in the St. Louis area. I'm in Wood River.


Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

I got my feet wet (literally) on the bike the other day when we had some decent riding weather. Trouble was, it came right after the snowfall I was talking about and the roads were really sloppy in places.

I rode about 100 miles before I decided to quit trashing the bike; it had never been in the rain or wet roads before. I cleaned the thing up as best I could and put it away.

Everything I've heard about these bikes is true other than it feels pretty damn responsive in the corners to me. Of course, my other bike is a 85 GS1150ES so damn near any recent bike is going to be an improvement.

As for location, Steve, I'm in Festus. To those of you who aren't local, I'm not kidding. That really is the name of a town.

Welcome Sauras.  If you have a big garage you can ride the Busa around in circles until the snow melts.  Just joking of course.  Hope you (and I) get warm weather quick!!  
<== "I got da no riding my Busa blues."
Welcome, cool screen name: "Suzukasaurus".  Had some great riding weather in Dallas yesterday (68 degrees with lots of sunshine) took a nice long ride...
Festus MO?
Yeah, it's a long story. To make it short:

The town was established because there was a large glass factory where the entire town was owned by the company. They didn't allow alcohol.

Right outside their city limits, a bunch of saloons sprang up and the town was called Tanglefoot since most people who drank the redeye didn't walk so good coming back to the factory town.

The city fathers decided that wasn't a nice name for a town, so they decided to open a Bible and put a finger on the page on a random word. The finger landed on "Festus" who was some Roman dude whose name only appears in the Bible once.

I do my best to uphold my town's tradition. (hic&#33

And now back to our regularly scheduled discussion.....


Sauras: The reason I asked is because I'm originally from Wood River, IL. I live in VA now. You've already talked to Tree I guess. He lives in Wood River too. My best friend lives in Roxana and is the Post Master of Wood River (Bob). He rides a silver 02 Busa. Great bunch of guys over there! Take care!