Gonna Change the coolant!


I've always run engine Ice in my ZX12 which is notorious for running hot. It seemed to cool it a few degrees. The guy I got the busa off of said it was due for a coolant change. He used the purple stuff. I was wondering if the engine Ice was as good, better, same or not as good. If I should stick with the purple where do I get it and will it be ok in a non heated garage over the winter?


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I'm not exactly sure what purple stuff you're talking about (Royal Purple?), but I have a few thousand miles on Engine Ice in the ZX-14R. There is absolutely no temperature difference between Engine Ice and my stock green coolant. I ride with another guy who has the same bike as me, but he's still on stock coolant. We always use radios and occasionally compare our temps, and they are never more than +/- 2 degrees apart. The 14R has a digital readout for temperature, so I'm not just guessing on this. Engine Ice works fine, but I haven't experienced any improvement over the green juice from the factory. I just changed to this stuff because it's track legal.
I put engine ice in my 07 after it would heat up to about 3/4 in heavy traffic, it would stay around 1/2 - 5/8 in heavy traffic after that so I put a second fan on and no more problems at all when it was stock.

Now with the 1441 I have engine ice in it, it has never even touched the half mark. When it tries to creep up to the 1/2 mark on hot days I just turn on the 2nd fan and its no troubles. That's with idle at 1500rpm.

To answer your question does engine ice make a difference.....for me YES, however it is not as good as a second fan.


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I agree that the second fan probably makes a bigger difference than the coolant type. My bike essentially has a big bore kit from the factory, and it also came with two fans. Maybe the factory green stuff was already some form of premium coolant as well... :dunno:

Either way, it's interesting to hear how other bikes/engines react differently to it.


I run engine ice in my gen 1 as well. I cant really say if it makes a big difference compared to the regular green coolant because I did a bunch of cooling mods at the same time (08 rad conversion, dual muzzy aluminum fans, Samco silicone hose kit, engine ice and low temp thermostat) the combination of all these have been outstanding :thumbsup: My bike stays cool and has been running great all summer long whether I'm stuck in traffic or cruising all day. So my advice to you is if your gonna swap coolants I would try to do some of the other mods as well to boost the effectiveness of your cooling system


Original coolant,over 50,000 miles and never had any overheat problems,maybe i should think about changing it this winter...lol...

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