Getting audited. by the feds..

manic panic

Well I was just notified by mail that Im am being audited for the year 2000 tax returns. Looks like that busa.. may have to wait for a year or tow more. Depending on what happens with this audit...

any sujestions or comments.. all help welcome..
Yah buy a Busa anyway hehe did you cheat on your 2000 taxes
Never in our lives cheated on our taxes, they are just pissed that in 1999 we got more money back from them cause messed up.
Call Bruce Williams ( nation talk show host and its a free call ) - really - this guy is a wealth of info. I used to listen every night as I mopped floors ... I never finished high school but have done ok for myself $280K last year. And this old guy on the radio helped me alot. The local am station doesnt carry his show anymore as it was getting to expensive they said, but as I recall several people called in from around the USA that were being audited and he would allways say get a " Tax Attorney who practices before the IRS " not just a tax attorney but one who pratices before the IRS. You gotta call him to find out cause I'm not sure. You need big guns in your corner and this is what I will do if ever in that situation.
Just my thoughts - good luck.
Kent -
280k mopping floors, you work for the government or microsoft?
HOLY CRAP I work for the federal govt and I dont make nowhere near that I guess the cost of living is much higher there though a 3 bed house ranch in maine with 2 car garage on a couple of acres costs about 90,000 for something built 80 or newer I heard you cant get a cardboard box for that in hawaii
We have a tax attorney that practices before the IRS, she is an audit specialist. Thank god we paid extra when we did our taxes to cover our asses incase we ever got audieted and now we get her to go to bat for us for free...well cept for the preparation.
Yep , most everything is pricey here. But not as much as some places in Calif! Whoa I was just there and the medium home price in La Jolla ( San diego ) is $750 K and their gas prices were about the same as ours $1.70 per gal for reg.
And I never saw so many BMW's & Mercedes in my life...
anyway just a thought on the tax thing I would still call Bruce -could hurt.

Aloha , Kent
Bruce Williams is a great wealth of info. I love that show, unfortunatly they took it off the air here also. Clark Howard replaced that time slot, and Clark Howard is also very good.
This was the oldest post in "ramdom thoughts" I could find....

I was gonna do THIS a week ago but couldn't fing one started by a current member

I wanted to see how long it would stay alive
till somebody realized




I wonder how it went? I hate when people ask for advice then don't let us know the outcome for 6 years. Think they've been in the slammer since the audit?
U Bastids!  I read this all over again ... and realized I still cant cxant spell...    

Cant believe gas was $1.70 back then in Hawaii. I just filled up today here in Calif @ $3.45 per gal !!!