Gen 1, 2006 Oil Pump Help


Has anyone ever had their oil pump go bad on them? Got my clutch broke down, and it doesn't spin freely consistently. No metallic particles in the oil, no broken gears or clutch parts. I'm guessing the metallic noise could be parts not getting lubed right. Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
You need to remove the complete clutch assembly to get to the oil pump then inspect the gears to make sure all is good.
I did that, and the pump has a few rough spots. I was just wondering what kind of symptoms you experienced when it was going bad? Guess I could have been a little clearer on that
Never seen an oil pump go bad, but if it is you need to look further.
I would drop the oil pan and check the pick up screen for sure.
If you need a oil pump i ave one for $50 TYD
Out of a motor with 4000 miles!