Furring out my 2002 Black SE

I finally got my 2002 SE, and I wondering where you would get some 6inch long black guerilla shag fur. I've got the 3M spray adhesive, but I am having a hard time finding the fur. I've tried a couple of fabric shops, but no much luck. Let me know


ps- this bike is going to look sweet when I fur it out!

Well I finished furing it out, and I really dont like the way it looks. I somehow got a sheet of fur with a cowlick on it, and now I have a cowlick on the left fairing. I've been trying to comb it out, but it keeps swirling up, I dont know what I'm going to do. I'm hoping some LA Looks Hair gel and a afro pick will straighten it out.

I got about 4 yards of guerilla shag fur at the local thift shop. I guess because this was the first bike I furred out, it didnt come out as well I thought. I dont know, I'm thinking about selling it now. How come no one wanted to talk me out of this? I didnt realize how hard this was

Alright, here is the picture. I couldnt find the black shag fur, so we went with green low-nap fur. As you can see, we probably should have used the 3M spray adhesive, because the stuff we bought at the dollar store isnt working very well. We have one entire side done, and we're working on the other side. Check it out, that color looks awesome!


That has to be a joke...that looks like carpet! I furred my '02 R1 after a 110+mph wreck and it looked cool...but I bought the fur at a fabric store and had it applied professionally at an upholstery shop.
hahaha... nice try..

if you can take a picture of someone holding a can of adhesive and a place mat, you can take a picture of the finished product.
No I'm just joking around everyone, fur my brand new SE? You're out of your mind! This thing is my baby! My wife would shoot me before anyone else got to.

No actually I have a 1996 GS500E that I bought for $400. The fairings were scratched up, and we were going to fix it up and use it as a fun bike. I was wanting to find out where I could get some fur, but it seems everyone is too determined to save the SE. LOL no but seriously, where is a good place to get Fur? Thrift Shop? Fabric Shop? Write me back and let me know, thanks for the concern though


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