Chrome Wheels on a black SE


I'm thinking that chrome wheels on my black SE would look sweeeeet. I'd really like to see some pictures of this setup. Also, opinions on what other people think. And finally, what does a set of chrome busa wheels run these days? I saw them on rabtechs with the extended swingarm and they look pretty sweet, but I'd like to see them on one that has a stock swingarm. Thanks A Lot.
here r some pics

like that pic tommyb... you got a bigger resolution size of it or have a web link to it maybe? I got a black/silver one and I kind like to check out that chrome a little closer up.
Check out the members pic section...There are a couple of pics of "Whoa's" bike their and it's got chrome rims on it...02 black SE...
That's just wrong... :tounge: hehe

I want one of those screens to keep the wind off of my grape too...