Fuel Economy

If my maths is correct, we're talking roughly 33.8mpg?

Sounds about right when cruising around town. On the highway if I can manage to stay out of it, I can get between 40-50mpg depending on where I cruise, sometimes when it's a spunky week, I only get 28mpg in town.


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I would answer but haven't a clue what a FUES is....:whistle:

ASK RSD....being from Canaduh I believe he rolls in K's
I am from a country that has been on the metric sytem for several decades,but am still not a fan. For me it is still just an' extra math headache in alot of situations. This "so many litres per 100K " used in new vehecle advertising is a pain in the ass. The first thing I do when I hear the weather report is convert back to farenheit. When I check my mileage,back to MPG. When I post about speed etc fo the Org,back to MPH. When I'm building something out of wood its in inches and feet.

I have no idea how warm it is outside.
No idea how fast I'm going.

And no idea what in the fukk FUES is. :laugh:

14.4k/l is ok.............33 US mpg or 40 Imp mpg
my old 03 did around 17 on a mixed speed commute...up to around 20 on a 60-70mph long cruise.....about 180-200 miles to the reserve light..........current gen 2 is about the same.
sorry kook, i did see your post.. it all sounds normal then... what speed do you find most economical? say on a long freeway with no speed limit ? oh and thanks for all your posts ,,
Haha, no speed limit would be nice where I live.

If I want good (19-21+kpl) fuel economy I will cruise at ~105kmh or less
If I want decent (17-19kpl) fuel economy I will cruise between 115-130kmh (Although when going faster I typically don't watch my speedo as much and let it creep up faster when there are no cars around, so this number is probably lower than it should be).

Anything beyond that is way too fast where I live and they could take your license away for cruising at those speeds. Like I said, in town I will normally get around 12-14.5kpl. It's all in how you treat that throttle.

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