I was leaving hootersin mission valley last night at 5:30 pm. I saw a silver busa with a full leathered rider. So i turned in the dierection he was going and waited on him. He gets next to me and yells "ARE GOING TO THE DRAG RACE", I'm like "WHAT", he says follow me.

The next thing about 2 minutes later we're pulling into QualCom stadium(sight of the superbowl). As we stop and wait in line he tells me his name and the there are legal drag races(1/8 th mile). It osts 5 bucks to watch and 15 to race.

They went from 7 to 1 am. About 600 cars from blown oldies to hondas to a volvo station wagon. about 15 bikes showed only 10 raced. 4 busa's in all including me and i didn't run.

very cool very safe very fun. the cops were hanging out checking the bikes and come to findout most own scooters.

go to for more info.

<span style='color:darkblue'></span><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span>COOL!!<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span>
I was out there last year for a few months. They also have a road course set up in the same parking lot for auto crossers. The police out there are good people. ( I never thought I would say that) I rarely saw anyone pulled over out there. But they were really cracking down on street racing from what I understand. I wish other big cities would take notice.
I attended one of those in Oklahoma. They had cars racing that ranged from hot rods to your grandma station wagon....plenty of bikes also. Two Busas, one which were mine. I wasn't allowed to race (no leather jacket). Oh well, still enjoyed watching though.