Well I'm finally here after my long vacation. Today all government offices are closed so I can't check tosee if the scooter is here. I hope to be riding soon.
Can't wait to get my posts up. Talk later busa bros and sisters.


Long time no hear. Are you now stationed in San Diego? Will you be there for long?

Any chance you could make it up to Laguna Seca in July. You may have missed the fact that a group of +20 of us will be ther. What about you my brotha?
Hey I live in San Jacinto. About an hour and a half from you. Most of us here hook up on Palomar Mountain. I would be happy to show you some of the other stomping grounds when you get the machine. Let me know.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Welcome out to San Dog, I'm stationed down there at the ASW base, however I live in Temecula, maybe we can hook up for a ride soon. One of these days me and old Howling Mad's gonna go for a ride, however I have to get a little practice on this twisty stuff first. I'm an old Texan, I like the long straights
Purple we will have to hook up. I was going to go up the mountain today but the rain slowed me down then I was working on the new house so things just didn't get done.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Like Thinker said..can you make to Laguna..July 11-12-13
Would be cool to meet you man!!! Welcome to the Mainland USA..
I,m at NAS north island. I'll be checking on my scooter tomorrow. As for laguna seca......I say yes right now but that may change.

Thanks for the support everyone. you guys rock!!!!!!

Yo Fatjap, don't forget your Bro in Vegas. Howlin' done made me a promise to visit, maybe you guys can ride together...

Well, you finally made it!! Welcome back.

Hey, if you guys decide to get together let me know, maybe I can make it down there. Yessss!
That would be cool. I am a little closer to you than before but not much. Lets see... We could get purple haze and FatJap, you and I. Big Gar is in the neighborhood. Plus the usual cast of sport bike heros down here. A Sunday would be best but it would be a long day of riding for you my friend. Let me know what you think and I will arrange a day off.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Marc, I need to know a few weeks ahead of time so I can get Sat off. Otherwise I'll have to work 'til 3am, and that won't work for me.
Well then it is all on FatJap to come up with the date he uncrates his beast. I will email Purple Haze so he can join us he is only 20 minutes away from me the next town over. Maybe we can get some more to come down this way. Set up a weekend ride again. Whats Doc got going on?

Marc "Howlin Mad"