Free gloves to number 99 (lets make it fun)


I got some icon hayabusa gloves that were given to me at christmas but they were too small. I ordered a larger pair so i have some. The other day when i was working in the shop i seen these just sitting on the shelf and i thought i would give them to someone on the boards since i have gotten so much help on here. I am posting pics but they are brand new large. I did squeeze them on once but they are really brand new without tags. The only rule is you can't post more than three times but the 99th person, who post's on this thread will get the gloves. I will pay for shipping, so they will be totally free. They are large!!. happy posting, lol

when you see your post is number 99, send me message with your address and ill send out next day!!!

photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg
well, they won't even come close to fitting on my hands so i'll start it out with sharing a pic i took about a week ago that i really liked :beerchug:

They won't fit me either, but I'll contribute to getting this thread to 99 posts. Good luck everyone (atleast to everyone whose hands are smaller than mine) :cheerleader:

i've got some big mitts as well so i am out but i'll tag along for the ride.:whistle:
Great idea! This is the only time I will post though as I am confident they can go to a member more in need than I. Good luck with your posting and congrats to lucky number 99!
I know I wont win, but they are nice and my size.. can you share were i can find a set just like it?