fork seals


ok i followed pretty darn close.

a couple quick questions.

all tubes put together, spring snugged down tight; there was a hole in the side of the smaller inside tube so i just poured 470-480ml of 5w fork oil in the hole in the side of that tube. it seemed to just fill everything on up. i have seen guys talking about "pumping it" to fill something or another.?.?.?
i just put the correct amount in the tube, screwed the top back on, and put it all back together.
did i do that right? can i just go ride her?

2nd question.
i will find out if i messed it up somewhere between Casper and Portland.
if i have, can any of you help me fix it? Tuff, Goldenchild, Frisbee? anyone?

i think i did a good job, but just in case. i would hate to have to leave it til i hit Atlanta, (my friend Lady Ninja owns a bike shop there).
Did you remove the cartridge, and drain all oil out?
Did you bleed the cartridge when you re filled the oil?
i took it all apart, well into 3 pieces. pumped and drained all the oil out of the spring assembly (whet ever it's called), wpied everything clean.
im pretty sure i got about every drop out that was going to come out.

why do you ask??
did i mess up?
are things going to explode on the 1st big bump?
No you should be fine as long as while reassembly, you bleed the cartridge!
I have done mine twice, leave the top cap loose and pour in fork oil (it holds 16.2 oz) it will not hold it all at first. Pour till you can see it then pump the fork up and down about 10-20 times to bleed out the air in the spring cartage assembly making sure the oil level doesn't fall below the cartage. Let it stand vertically for about 5-10 mins and tap the sides of the fork to release any air bubbles. Fill to the recommended level and put the cap back on. Its pretty simple, I just did them and it took about an hour start to finish. The first time it took about a day lol.