fork seals ?


I have oil residue on my left fork tube. I'm going to go out on a limb, and say fork seals are bad ?

I also noticed a black ring about an inch above the bottom of the forks. Do they really travel that far down ?
Shop told me $14.00 for parts.....and $320.00 for labor
Genuine parts are around $80, I have done it twice the last time took about an hour start to finish. The first time took a day, just depend on how much your time it worth.
TRY the playing card trick.. remove the front fender, take a normal playing card, cut a little knotch in it on one side towards top. wrap around fork tube, slip up under seal and spin around a time or two and pull the dirty part out and clean card. do again. mind you it will leak a little til the seal resets itself. someone told me this trick and did it to my 06.. worked fine. prolongs the seals. BTW, if you remove the tubes yourself, they will only charge you the hour rate.. or should only.. good luck...