With any luck I will be watching the E-A-G-L-E-S in the Superbowl in a couple of weeks. I hope they will have to play the Titans but the Raiders look good. The hype in NJ ere is going wild for the Eagles! One more game and we are on our way! Tampa will be shut down. To cold in NJ for the Busa so I have to watch football.
I'm hoping the Eagles win too. Not because I love them or anything, but someone needs to put a hush on Tampa. I think they are overrated for this particular game simply because of how they beat a banged up team like San Francisco. Frisco is my team, but I do like the Raiders as well. I think that the Raiders will win it all.

Never will I become a hater but philly is going down. How times and diffent ways do I have to say this. I would break it down more but no time. oh yeah bigpig 13 welcome to the site.

Holla Back

Back when I was but a wee lad, for some unknown to me reason I was a Eagles fan. At the ripe old age of 6 I "HAD" to have a eagles jersey and helmet to tackle the bean bags in the basement with... so of course my loving parents ordered said uniform from sears or wherever.. and it came in as Raiders attire instead... no matter.. I was young and impressionable... plus the raiders won the super bowl about 3 weeks after i got the stuff (1983). I've been a raider fan ever since.

The Raiders will win the Super Bowl.. I have no doubts... I'm not sure who they will get to beat... but I rather hope it's Tampa Bay just to show the world that Gruden isn't the super coach they all think he is.

sorry for this ramble.. but it's Sunday, and the championship games don't start for another 2 hours.
Ego we all knew you were an impressionable lad...But just because you got lucky with the screwed up order and win back in the day, does not give you true reason to have remained a fan...The fact is the "Raiders" are going down...The "Titans" are my local team and they are just to good...They will make to the Super Bowl but unfortunately they will loose to Chuckie and the "Bucs"....
mcnair and the tit-ans are going to get hurt today, sorry stun.

Ego, the games start in 3 1/2 hours from now. WAKE UP!!!!!