Flat tire part ii


Well, I took the wheel down to the dealer, and they said "no way". They won't plug it for liability reasons. This sounds to be fairly standard, is that your experience too?

I just can't believe I have a 3-day old bike with a 3-day old tire that's now trashed. Bridgestone Battleaxe's are about the most expensive rubber on the market too.

Suddenly my $9,700.00 Hayabuse is fast approaching Ten Grand. :whip: :whip: :whip:

Any suggestions are welcome.
The only tire manufacturer that will allow dealerships to plug tires is Dunlop. And then only down the center third of the tread. Plugging or repairing the tire also reduces the speed rating to 70-75 mph. I like the Metzler Sportecs I put on my 'Busa. seem to get both more grip & more wear than the Slipstones the bike came with.

Good luck.
What a pisser! I had the same problem with my R6 a few months ago. You can not plug or really shouldnt as you would a car tire. Only one shop here in town would patch the tire ( Dunlop 207 ) from the inside so tire had to be dismounted and remounted ... and no guarantee's. Also I wouldnt take it to the dealer ... find a local shop that can pull the tire for around $10 or so. I found best new tire prices in the mags like SportRider & Motorcyclist and Chaparral & DennisKirk.com will match any ad price. Right now $109.97 for a new rear. Expensive new toy eh? Keep in mind a Harley would be wayyyy more and u get wayyyyy less.
I consider Tires my LIFE LINE! and under no circumstance would I patch or plug a tire going on my Busa!
Nor would I purchase a tire of questionable quality.
Although the situation really sucks, I would bite the bullit and get a new tire.
My 2 cents..

I say plug it and then smoke it. I wouldn't ride hard on a plug but to break in the bike it would work. Then smoke it to the core and have fun with it since it is allready toast.
I'm going to insist the dealer give me the original tire back once they have the new one on.

I'll bring it home and stick it on e bay for 20 bucks, and be very up front about the tires condition. I'll even leave the screw in it and post pix of it. Maybe some kid will want it for 360 burnouts or something.

It WOULD be sort of fun to smoke it, wouldn't it.

But my bike is not broke in, so it won't be me.

Anyone want it for 20 bucks plus shipping? It's got exactly 156 miles on it. Still got the little rubber hairs on it and everything.
Bad luck, three days, 156 miles, one flat. I managed 250 miles getting home from the dealers when I collected my busa, and his shop was only 3 miles away.