Fixin' scratched plastics...


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OK guys, i really despise the idea of spending $600 for a new fairing and hump and I do not believe my insurance is going to cover this without a rate hike. I managed to get the correct fairing off a local friend who dropped his bike in a similiar manner (dooooch)! His fairing is just scratched up a lot on the bottom 1/3 of the fairing (just to lower blue part of the blue/silver) with no other damage and NO cracks at all. I am going to use it as is for now, but could it be repaired? It looks like it could?

Same with my hump, just two deep gouges/scratches, no cracks... I will post some pics later...

Please help.

yes can be fixed. must leave you in suspense now.
Another angle showing all the damage. Strange, other than the obvious, the front of this fairing is perfect... sad!
easily fixed by someone with experience...

tell the nice lady in the photo... good job with the eyebrows, you should be workin on that fairing!
Above, notice the scrape on the stator cover... GRRRRRR... and here is the hump!

So, how do I FIX THIS STUFF!!!

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the hump needs to be sanded and painted just like the fairing.

the stator cover is no big deal, when mine got scrached(worse than yours) I removed the paint and polished it, looks good... have to look really close to see the scraches.
You want to sand it down with 800 grit sand paper, well first are you able to paint this yourself ? If so I can tell you how to do it. I just repainted my front fender (rock chips)and inner fenders. But if you take your time you can do it. Anyway sand it with the 800, if the scratches are deeper you will need a filler(bondo) spead over the deep scratches wait to dry and sand it smooth. Once the scratches are goneyou will need adhesion promoter like (bulldog) this will help the paint stick.Take your bike to a local paint shop have them custom match your paint because the sun will fade the paint(you'll paint it and the color will be a little off) shot a good primer coat on the fender let it set up then shot your color. I use Dupont Chromabase looked trick. Allow the color to set up then shoot the clear. When I two toned my front fender I allowed a couple of days for the paint to set up(so the tape won't mess it up) tape off your graphics with pinstripping taped as an outline(easier to work with)then paper the area off. Shot the other color and clear and wala your back origional. If you have question E-mail me I will try to help ya out.

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Doc if your not able to paint it yourself a high quality autobody shop should be able to match the color , but not allways. And cost maybe close to the $600 mark anyway. Also with many plastic bumpers ... in the automotive industry today there are lots of flexible plastic repairs out there now, ( not just Bondo anymore )  But again H.Q. is usually high $.
So many disposable items these days.... hmmmm.

P.S. We wanna see a good pic of the girl! ( is she the one that was shall we say present when the accident occured? )
That is an easy fix. A little bit of weld work is all that is needed.

If you wanted a complete, original custom job, I could do it, otherwise find someone that specialises in motorcycles (sportbikes in particular) to match the paint and repaint the panels. An autobody shop usually will not know how to do plastic repair as they will probably opt to use fiberglass repair instead (bad).

I think you may remember this one. This is just the start of the repair, this panel had holes and severe rash. The large bolt hole at top had been ground to the bolt itself. Here the holes are welded and it is ready to be sanded and re-welded to build the surface. I used a sandable epoxy primer. Now it is flawless.

You can also buy the paints from Color-rite. I have no experience with the mixed paints they sell as far as the metallics used, how well they mix and type of clear.

You might also contact Nick Smith if he is not too busy. I am sure he can either mix and send some paint or do the panels if you send them.
Hey Guys, thanks for all the advice. I will check around a little more, but it sounds like I should just order a new panel and work with these old panels later. I want to get it looking nice ASAP!