First Time at Track on Long Busa

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This was my first time out at the track with my bike, period. It was not bad. My best time was a .67 light, 1.89 60-ft, and 7.39 at 99.8 mph.

That is me with the black jeans on, and my buddy Reggie with the blue jeans on, on my bike. He has a blue and grey 05, lowered with a full Ti Force. His best time on my bike was 6.89 @ 105 mph.

I really to loose one my cans and get a full system. Me loosing some weight would help quite a bit too!!

The grey busa was a guy hanging out, he is just as long as I am, but he has a full Yoshi system. Result was him inf front of me at the traps bike a bike and a half.

Oh well it was all fun.



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It always amazes me how short the 1/8 mile tracks look compared to the 1/4. Short tracks are great for getting the launch down. When you get to the 1/4 mile you'll become addicted because you'l really get to use ALL the power and it lasts long enough to infuse your body to the core. Like a drug.
Well it did me anyway...
Cool, we have mostly 1/8th mile here and I was planning on finally running last friday since I did my break in and oil change. I went out friday morning to practice in the country where no traffic is and my bike decided to come up really high at 50mph. Scared the mess out of me so I did not go out that evening, lol.

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