First ride with pazzo shortys


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Hokay -
First - Big props to Josh at Ryder's Connection for shipping me the Pazzos - they came out great in look and function!

So, today, I was supposed to meet up with SpeedAddict for a group (charity) ride about 50 miles away. I missed the hook-up, but thought I might catch him on the road.

I installed the Pazzos last night - I think it literally took 4 minutes total! The shortys are perfect for two finger action - and in combination with my newly installed reaper risers, the change in comfort was increadible! The Pazzos are an easier pull, better feel and adjustability that the levers I had...

Any way, I am on the I-10 headed west from PCola to Mobile and traffic was light - I set the throttlemeister at 80 (4.3k on the tach) and didn't touch the throttle for about 35 miles... turned around and headed back to PCola and did exactly the same.

So, here is the bottom line on Bessie's comfort mods:
3/4in risers
Pazzo Shortys
Tobin seat
Sportech V-Flow
MP3 and cell tied in through Autocom active 7

Bessie is a cruising machine folks - She was born in Nov of 2000 - not bad for going on 7 years old!

Just wanted to share!
Pazzos are the best. The two finger operation isn't for everyone but blokes who learnt on dirtbikes seem to use the style. I can't seem to make all my fingers leave the grip.
MC - I told ya so about the Pazzo's

I couldn't imagine riding another bike without them...Yah, they are that Good

Just checked out the site...those are definately added to the "must have" list.

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Have heard lots of good things about those levers, so I may have to give them a try.
And Shawn, you know you gotta post up pics of all the mods!
I had posted these in another thread - but you guys are right - I do know better...
Here are a couple:

Hey, you got 'em! Looking good! I use mine one finger brake, one finger clutch except when I stop I use two to hold the clutch in while at a light. I wear a medium glove, not huge strong hands just what I started with and am used to. Did a baby stoppie at low speed testing out my new EBC HH pads a couple nights ago with one finger! Doesn't take a lot of force, can't wait to get my stainless Galfer front lines installed...