First oil change.......

Did first change yesterday. All went well. Poured in 3.5 quarts like the book said. Tipped bike up after warming up and nothing showed in the window. I had my roomate hold the bike up and I added another almost 1/2 quart to bring it up to the level in the window. The only thing I can think of is, when draining, I tipped the bike up to drain completely and more oil drained out. Could this be the additional 1/2 quart?


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Generally takes more than 3.4 quarts. I always use the window to check mine.



i use like 3 and 3/4 or so. seems to me that it takes just a little more than what the book calls for. assuming you are changing the filter of course which i would recommend. some use 4. lots of ideas on this. Just me but i think 4 is just a tad too much. but thats just me. take it with a grain of salt... post a pic of that beast if you havent already.

what oil did you change to if i can ask:thumbsup:


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Good job Aussie ...n good to meet you .. btw.. did you fill up the New Oilfilter.. " prior" to putting it back on .. if not ..that is why you needed to add more ..usually most Busa's take just about 4 qts. :thumbsup:
I was told by a Suzuki Service Manager(KingoftheCoast) to use 4qts. So thats what I use everytime. No guessing.... just pour'em in and forget about it.
I didn't remove the fairings, just unsnapped the bottom and pulled them out some. The change took around 20 minutes.........cleaned the block with Brakleen and it was done. Used Mobil 1 4T, on sale at cyclegear.


Aussie, if you love your bike use only Royal is the best synthetic on the market IMO. Lots of guys on this site swear by is pricey but well worth the protection to a hard working beast...2hip

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