First near death experence

Postal, I already filled out a police report, that is another long story in itself, but have a report number to reference to, and the cop that showed up ran the plate number and it came back to the same GMC P/U truck that we described, so we have the man nailed.

KB97, you are absolutely correct in your statement re: the cops would be at my door in seconds should I take care of him my way.

I am so upset that the Fort Worth PD didn't take this as seriously as I think they should have, to me it was attempted murder, the cop told me it definately wasn't attempted murder, he said I would have to have been shot at to make that a 4000 pound truck hurling straight at me wasn't bad enough, had I not been quick enough we would have met head on, and we all know who the winner of that one would have been. Not to mention that the sorry MoFo took a bat out on my Son, although Dennis made a quick get-away from him....

Justice will prevail somehow, I will see to that, may wait a year to get my payback.....he he he
Ok, most likely the cops documented the incident and it's up to you to initiate the prosecution. That's normally how it works in situations like this where the officers don't actually see the offense. Since there were no injuries the detectives probably cleared the case after you didn't show up at the station wanting to press charges. (I'm assuming that you thought they would just handle it and you haven't been down to stir the pot?)

Before you do what I'd want to do, go down in person with the report number and ask to speak with the detective that was assigned to your case. If one hasn't been assigned then ask to speak to someone about pressing charges. I'm telling you, we make LOADS of reports. Due to the volume we have to deal with, unless someone is willing to prosecute and actually shows this willingness then they are usually ex-cleared and made inactive.

Not saying it's the ideal way to handle cases, just saying that the volume of reports that most agencies of any size take demands this approach. There's simply no way that the detectives can take on every single reported case and push it themselves. Now, if you go down and try to push it and can't get anything done then that is just plain f'ed up.

Hope you get the results you want. If you were local here I'd see what I could do to help you. I'm useless to you if you're in Fort Worth, TX though... Sorry...
You guys- Its simple. Just follow the offender from a decent distance, unknowingly, and find out where they live or park. Come back later and let his car have it!