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Well, I have my first mechanical problem with the busa. Not a biggie, though, I don't think. The speedo is dead. I was out ridin' today, cruisin' along at 60mph and noticed that the speedo needle was jumpin' back and forth maybe 1/8th inch instead of floatin' smoothly like it usually does. Hmmm... Kept ridin'...

Then, after pullin' a U-turn and makin' a very short spirited run and lettin' off, I looked down to see how fast I was goin' and the needle is on 0 and not movin' at all. It's completely dead. I figure it is operated by a cable and it has worked loose. Gonna see if I can fix it myself. If not, I'm gettin' ready for the 600 mile service so I'll have the dealer fix it while they have it for that.

Anyone have this happen and find out it was somethin' besides the cable? :super:

The same thing happened to me. All the other gauges worked fine, and the speedo did the calibration bounce when first turned on. I'll bet the cover where the Hall Effect sensor (speedo sensor) is cracked. It's on the left side partially obscured by the fairing.

What happened in my case is that one of the nuts worked it's way out, and cracked the cover from the inside out. The Service guy mentioned that he'd seen this a number of times on Suzukis (not just the Busa).

When the machine is uncrated, they don't remove the fairing and check the torque settings.

It's either that, or the the speedo sensor has worked its way out. The connection through the cover isn't as sturdy as you would expect. Good luck!
It shouldn't be a big deal Bro, no cables to mess with or anything just check on the lower left hand side of your baby, you will see a cable and a little boot tucked in next to where the fairing meets the frame. Chack it and see what kind of condition it's in... In the meantime speed away friend, hell if the speedo's broke you got a legit excuse right?:super: :tounge:
Thanks fer the replies. I'll check the sensor out.

And no, Rev, that's just another ticket in GA. There's a law on the books that says speedo has to be operational, so instead of gettin' out of one, I'd be talkin' my way into two... if they caught me. :laugh: Wait, did I say that? :super:
Damn, I was hoping....What about handing over my license with the $100 bill stuck to the back of it accidentaly???
Well, it's fixed and Juggler hit it on the head. The case cover that the speed sensor attaches to was about to fuggin' fall off!!! Didn't find any cracks in it. I had to take the left fairing off to get to all the bolts to tighten 'em back up tho. One bolt was only about a half turn from fallin' out of the damned hole!  :crazy:

Removin'/replacin' the fairing was nowhere near the nightmare I had it figured to be. I ain't skurd to do it anymore. Look out busa!

Of course I have a couple pics from the repair.  ;)

Here's a closer shot of the case. I had to take the overflow loose and hang it toward the front of the bike to get proper access...

Ooops, meant to highlight the bolts that were about to fall out. When I checked what Juggler said to check, I found that the bolt by the shifter linkage wasn't even finger tight. I looked at the others behind the fairing and could see that one of them was about ready to fall out!

Anyway, after I basically put the friggin' case cover back on (geeesh!) I fired 'er up on the stand and let the clutch go. Speedo is workin' smooth again. Damned slack ass dealer! I'da been pissed if I had lost any bolts out of it!!!  :mad:

the bolt you highlighted hold the front sprocket cover on. that also holds the clutch slave cylinder in place. any further out, you would not have been able to use your clutch!!! :eek:

lucky you.
Dang! Now that you mention that, it did seem like the clutch was grabbin' too soon in the lever travel today. Didn't really notice it on my last ride, tho. I really would have been pissed if I had lost the clutch on my ride to Cheaha last week!

I'm now guessing that the loose cover is what caused the clutch to grab sooner than usual? :super: Since it was on the stand when I tested the speedo I couldn't really tell that tightening the cover changed where the clutch was grabbin'. I'll have to pay attention to it when I ride again. I'm sure it had to have improved the clutch though. It was extremely loose...

Hey Bullet if you do not have one, get yourself a real low wheeled shop stool. Mine saves my ass regularly. and I can orbit my ride without getting up, plus there is a tray for tools... Real handy for working on the bike...
Yeah, I checked everything I had a socket to fit on that side of the bike while I had the fairing off. Makes me wonder what else might be about ready to fall off!?! :eek: I need to get me some more tools... the big stuff, so I can check every nut & bolt on 'er myself occasionally. What little faith I had in Suzuki and the dealer to do it for me is loooooooong goooooone! :mad:

Thanks again fer yer input there cache. Makes me feel better about the clutch thing already. :cool:
Oh yeah, Rev, I've got the pimp stool already, but that's a great tip for those who don't have 'em. I got the Kings Pneumatic Sit-on Creeper stool from Griot's Garage. Excellent piece. It's the perfect azz holder for workin' on the busa while it's on the Pit Bulls. :super:

King's Pneumatic Stool
Yup, Thats the stuff, of course I do not have the High Speed low drag version like your but it does the same thing... Really damn handy for everything form cleaning to wrenching on the bike, definite butt saver...
With all of BulletTrain's pics, I'll be a mechanic in no time! (not going to comment on the quality mechanic, but a mechanic nonetheless)

Just keep circling the parts I'm supposed to be working on, otherwise blondie might screw something up... :D

Thanks BT!
Oh yeah, Rev, I've got the pimp stool already, but that's a great tip for those who don't have 'em. I got the Kings Pneumatic Sit-on Creeper stool from Griot's Garage. Excellent piece. It's the perfect azz holder for workin' on the busa while it's on the Pit Bulls.  :super:

King's Pneumatic Stool

Glad to hear you're running again.

That creeper looks like the one I got from Sears only about 20 bucks less. Plus no shipping.

Just a suggestion for anyone interested in saving some $$$.