Finally got the BEAST!


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I finally picked up my 03 Busa! I have missed my 01 Blue/Silver for some time and just had to get another one.

What do you guys think?


Euro spec Gauges!

I am still trying to find MPH gauges. Does anyone have any stock 220 MPH gauges they want to sell? Just the gauges NOT the hole cluster.

I guess I might just buy some aftermarket, if I can find some I like. Does anyone know if someone makes BLACK gauges that light up RED similar to the stockers?:super:



Revlis will be pleased!

Looks great!'s a beautiful bike...

I just called schnitzracing and ordered the basic MODS! If only the parts(kill switch, etc.) will arrive so I can get it to the track for base line (9's CROSSING FINGERS) times!

Oh Yeah, I am Pleased....Soooo Purty!!!  But here I am with fork envy again....   So purty.......Oh yeah, thats the stuff!!!

:drool:  :drool:

Hell leave the KPH on there and mark the important numbers with a sharpie Bro.  You know you will get all kinds of gullable lil twits thinking your ride goes 280 MPH!!! :thumbsup:
Ya I thought about that but I am really in search of some 220 MPH gauges!

It's bad enough getting swormed whenever I go somewhere NOW and they didn't even notice the 280!
around how much does he normally charge? Or is that a case by case type thing?
PM Rhythm, He will be able to give you the skinny....
Got Busa,

Nice Looking Bike. Hey - I haven't seen a black frame and swing arm execpt on the 40th and I have only seen black & silver not all black - can you fill me in??

Okay, now Postal has to ask a dumb question. I know if I did my research I would find out, but since I am surrounded by Busa fanatics I'll just go ahead and ask. An all black 03? What gives? I thought Suzuki only did the all black in 02? Wazzzz up? :super:
It's a Euro spec busa, not a US spec busa, from my understanding. Apparently, different countries get different color options.