Finally finished my Busa project (Frankenbusa)

Ludicrous Speed

I posted the pics on the thread "Introducing Frankenbusa", but figured i would post them here as well, since that part of the forum does not get a lot of traffic.

There are tons of build pics on the thread

Here are the latest pics, and some of my trip to the track at the end of the year:












Clutch came in pretty hard on this one!
The frame is painted, I did not take it all apart, just masked the engine off....

The hugger I ordered from DME, but it ended up being a Catalyst part. It did not fit, and I had to section it and approx 1/4" in the front and 3/4" in the rear to get it to clear the tire. That was strange, since all my other Catalyst parts fit great. Then I added to the front so it went further around the tire to keep the Nitrous bottle clean.

That is the result of about 2.5 years of work!
nice machine!! Do you street it as well or is this strictly a track baby?
Track bike only.

I had an 04 Black and Purple that was Street/Strip, and when it was time to ride 2-up, it took me 45 minutes to raise everything up, and I was nervous of dragging with it. When it got wrecked, i bought a leftover 2009 White and blue Busa at the end of 2010. I swore that it would remain a streetbike first, so I found this bike wrecked and planned to make it an all out track bike.

Sadly, I just traded the 09 off on a Kawasaki Teryx 4. Not counting riding to work, it got used 5 times last year. The side by side we can drive in town, and the whole family can go with me....