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Well, today was a big day for me :)
I installed an Iridium double bobble screen on da Busa, a pair of LED tail light and the Ivan's TRE, all at once... But hey, while everything run ok, and all instalation was quick and easy, when i turned on the engine, the FI light wouldn't go away. Idle is ok, about 1000rpm. Well, i tought, "let the light on, maybe it's a feature about the TRE" and then I hit the road and immediatly i feel that the bike is a bit jerky when I apply full throttle. I mean, there is an hesitation before the rpms jump and, of course, that doesn't look good... The FI light is still ON all the time.

After some research I think maybe I've made the wrong connection... read my post below...
tre is hooked to wrong wires re read your instructions and try again,or your tre is busted....but i am about 99% sure your tre is hooked to the wrong wires
tre is hooked to wrong wires re read your instructions and try again,or your tre is busted....but i am about 99% sure your tre is hooked to the wrong wires
Thanks schmud0811,

I noticed from the beginning that the instructions said "Locate and separate the WHITE GPS connector, and simply plug in the TRE to the matching connectors, and secure unit. The white connector will have 3 wires (blue, black, pink)".

Well, I didn't found any white connector, only a black one with blue, black and yellow wires and I put the TRE there... maybe that's the cause of the problem... :sad:

Anyway, if that isn't the GPS connector, where the heck is that? I took off the seats, lifted up the tank and on the left side of the bike I saw this connector... yep, maybe the wrong one... I saw 2 more connectors, but one was black with 4 wires and the other was white but a big one, with more than 3 connectors... Cheezzz... now I'm confused... My bike is 2001 model (bought in March 2001), guess there's not any 2000 model with restriction, right? Anyway, the TRE should fit both 2000 and 2001 models, and both have the same connectors, right?!?

I didn't unmount the whole left frame, since I was told that it wasn't necessary, but hey, If there HAS to be a WHITE connector and it isn't visible there, I will remove the panel to search for it...

Any suggestions about this issue?? I'm worried :sad:
Do you have any photos with this connector? In service manual I didn't saw any GPS (gear pos. sensor)... but that's the 1999-2000 HBSM isn't it (the one that is around in kazaa and that most of the members here have)...

WEll its embarassing for me to admit but i had a similiar problem when i connected my TRE. When i double checked I had connected the TRE to the wrong set of wires. There are two wire couplings that the TRE will fit on. One is on the left side of the bike and has a black connector its real easy to put on to that connector in the excitement of doing a new mod :D , but unfortunately if you do your FI light will come on because it the WRONG connector.. There really is a WHITE one that sits on the left hand side near the rear of the airbox. Put the TRE on the WHITE connector and the TRE becomes a little magic box --the FI light will go out, your bike will run smoother down low because of increased throttle response, and in the land where pigs are born with wings and thereby fly... you will get INCREASED HP -but then there you also connect the TRE to the BLACK connector :laugh: :laugh:

Look for the white connector and that will solve your problem :)
lift up the tank and look to the left side towards the back of the tank that is where the connector with the 3 wires is :cool:
I was suspecting that :tounge:
Shame on me :blush:

Anyway Johnny, I would like to know how to display the codes, the special ones that are in the Service Manual. I read that there is the need of a "tool" to do that, but I guess it's only a cable. I read also somewhere in the forum that there is no need for that cable, since you can just make a manual connection of some wires on that connector...

Maybe tonight I will go to the garage where my Busa is parked and look again for that DANG white switch!!! :)

On the other hand I was sorry to buy this Ivan's TRE, since I read much better reviews about the ATRE. Unfortunately i didn't found it here in Europe. The ATRE doesn't change the ohm's of all the gear positioning, so i guess that it only takes the speed limit off, but doesn't mess with the lower gear mapping. I was told that this is the best choice. Anyway, after connecting the TRE in the right switch :blush: i will tell you my humble opinion (i am not a mechanical, i'm a Unix System Administrator).
Last update:
Well, tonight I was really in a rush to solve my problem and went back to the garage once again, determined to find the damn white connector. Lifted the tank once again, search, looked, moved cables... dang!! where is the damn GPS!??!?! Answer: it has hidding under the cables (striped together with black tape) that go to the rear section of the bike and to the battery... THAT's why I didn't saw the ##!#%$% connector! It was UNDER the dang cables!

After a small effort to disconnect the GPS (it was in a really tight position), I finally connected the TRE... Ufff!

Ok, now time to go for a ride i though... looked outside... it started to rain :cussing:
... some days are meant to forget

Guess tomorrow I'll go for a ride if it's not raining...

Thank you guys, you rule