fender eliminator issues

Boosa Barry

Does anyone know why the four bolts that hold the rear fender on get so tight as you screw them back in?
I heard they were called spread bolts but looks like a bolt. I recently bought a Puig kit for my 2013 busa and I love it even though I had to take a drill and jigsaw to it due to the fact that the slots for the plate were not wide enough. I also had to order the light kit separately which I didn't know was a separate purchase. But after all of that, after I removed the awful stock fender and license plate housing and installed the new Puig, everything was going just fine until the darn bolts started getting tight.

As I was tightening the four bolts back up into the tail, one of them twisted into???? Now I have to drill the old one out :banghead: I guess I shouldn't use a 3/8 ratchet drive socket wrench? but that's what it seems to take. Several people have told me to use "Lock tight" which I bought but isn't the problem that it is too tight anyway? The three bolts are holding it up just fine but it's a brand new bike dammit. I guess now I need to find out if only need to screw them back in part of the way with locktight, but don't know if the new bracket will be flush and tight enough?

Anyone else have this problem?