fender eliminator question?

Boosa Barry

Does anyone know why the four bolts that hold up the rear fender get so tight the more you screw them in?
I just installed a Puig bracket and and light however, as I was screwing the mounting bolts back in one of them twisted into. I heard they were called spread bolts but not sure, I was using a 3/8 drive ratchet socket wrench but that’s what it took. Several people have told me to put “Lock-Tight†on the bolts and so I bought some but isn’t the problem that they are too tight anyway? Also I had to take a drill and jigsaw to the Puig fender eliminator bracket because the slots were not wide enough for the license plate. I also had to order the light separately which I didn’t know when I first ordered the kit.
Anyway back to the 4 bolts, I now have to drill the broken screw out sigh… I think it’s too tight to use a back-out bit. I ordered a new bolt at the dealer for like $3.
The 3 bolts are holding it up fine but my bike is brand new and I don’t like having bolts missing. The main thing is I guess is how far do you have to screw them in so that the new bracket is nice and firm?
I just re-installed mine and I dont remember them being that tight, in fact I know they were finger loose until I had to snug them up. Are you sure you have the fender lined up, all bolts not cross threaded? There is no way you should have twisted one in two if everything was aligned.