fender eliminator issue

Boosa Barry

Does anyone know why the four bolts that hold up the rear fender get so tight the more you screw them in?
I just installed a Puig bracket and and light however, as I was screwing the mounting bolts back in one of them twisted into. I heard they were called spread bolts but not sure, I was using a 3/8 drive ratchet socket wrench but that’s what it took. Several people have told me to put “Lock-Tight†on the bolts and so I bought some but isn’t the problem that they are too tight anyway? Also I had to take a drill and jigsaw to the Puig fender eliminator bracket because the slots were not wide enough for the license plate. I also had to order the light separately which I didn’t know when I first ordered the kit.
Anyway back to the 4 bolts, I now have to drill the broken screw out sigh… I think it’s too tight to use a back-out bit. I ordered a new bolt at the dealer for like $3.
The 3 bolts are holding it up fine but my bike is brand new and I don’t like having bolts missing. The main thing is I guess is how far do you have to screw them in so that the new bracket is nice and firm?