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Let me know what you all think,

We'll I just ordered front clear turn signals with crome coated bulbs, clear tail lense with red led's, a turn signal integrator, and a fender eliminator kit. I ordered everything from I looked for a long time at undertails, and couldn't find anything that was too appealing to me. I love the natural look of the busa and didnt want to change it much, thats why I opted for the fender eliminator kit with clear tail and red led's. Anyone use these people before? Is this a good combo to get? My next investment is going to be an exhaust!! to help wake up the silence of the bus along with a TRE.

Finally, I was wondering about the throttle meister. Just looked at it for the first time today, heard about em for a while now. Are these a good investment for only $100+?

please give me some feedback. Do any of ya agree that they don't want to affect the styling of the back to much?


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Do the undertail mod, you won't believe what a difference it makes. I only cut my fender off since I didn't want to pay for the undertail mod yet. But I was so glad that I did it afterwards. Make the changes, personalize the bike and I am sure you will get some compliments on how much better it looks. Plus taking off the reflectors make it look a lot better too. Have fun.
Wait Until you are putting on the fender eliminator to remove the rear reflectors. They are held on with a nut and bolt that will just spin away, so you can get them off then...

As for undertails, there is one out there called the "TOP GUN" and it looks pretty sweet.

Your combo sounds good though, post some Low res pics when you get everything done.

If you feel up to please critique clearalternatives customer service and part quality/look/feel... Have fun and get rid of those reflectors...
Thanks guys,

At the time of the picture the bike only had about 100 miles on it. Ya' I know that those reflectors gotta go! So far I am very impressed with clear alternatives. I will try to get ya all some pics after I get everything installed.