Fairing Pushpins...


Hey there forum... I did my first oil change on my busa and realized one of the 2 pushpins underneath where the two sides
connect were missing... I called the dealer and ordered 5 small one and 5 big one just in case I lost others over time.... Well,
I went to go pick them up today and they were 5.99 for the large ones and 3.99 for the small ones!! Needless to say, I told them
I would just buy the one big one I needed.... Are they cheaper state-side??? Or am I a cheap-skate?? I don't remember the
ones for my Katana costing that much.. and they were metal....

They are expensive. I pay 2 bucks for small,3 for large. (canada)

They are way cheaper on ebay or at a auto parts store or home depot type store.There is nothing special about them.

I use Canadian Tire ones.

Unless you break them,they last for dozens of re/re times.

Sometimes they dont look exactly alike,but if yer fussy like me,you can get 4 small OEM ones from under the seat and replace with ones you might buy elsewhere.Even white will work then. LOL.

Ones for up top on the dash can be swapped out for ones underneath.:thumbsup:

running a search but someone here ordered a large box of them cheap. He went an found out the exact size which I am not sure what it was :(

and ordered them from amazon Amazon.com: 8 mmpush pins they looked like these. Said they didn't look exactly like oem but didn't look bad and worked. Seeing as they wear out as they keep getting put on and off he needed a better option than oem price offered. Think the box he bought for a Kawaski but it was a box of like 40 for less than 8 bucks.

Will post a link to thread if I find it and the exact part number, there is a work around for the ridiculous price of those oem pushpins guys
I bought an assortment kit from bolt a while back . It has all the assorted sizes of plastic fasteners . I spent somewhere around $25 for it . It came in handy when I took off my fairings and found out several were missing and the dealer had put in 2 Phillips head type where a large push pin should have been . I still have a butt load left so I'd recommend just doing what I did instead of getting them here and there . IMHO better to have them on hand .
They will work, but won't look the same. I'd likely use the long ones for that.
Just do a Ebay search for Bolt plastic rivets. 80 count for about $20.00 free shipping different shapes and sizes for motorcycles. :thumbsup: