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I am tired of the stock rocket thrusters and am looking for better performance, sound quality, and looks. Noise is not an issue. So far i have been interested in the Brocks CT, alienhead, megaphone... yoshi r-77... two brothers m-2. I would like to hear your opinion on these, maybe how well they preform/sound compared to the others.

Like i said im new to this so feel free to mention any other FULL exhaust system i should look into.

Also, when changing the exhaust ive heard its best to get a power commander. Ive been looking at the DynoJet Power Commander 5 and the PTI version. Do i also need the Ignition Module, and Secondary Fuel Module that they sell extra?

hell i might get frustrated and just look into the turbo kits
Ah, exhaust is an opinion like oil or tires. It all just depends on what you like. What has been mentioned are all good exhausts. Also look at M4, they have a 4 to 1 that sounds very nice on a Busa.

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feel free to contact me via email below. i can give ups and downs and also sell you all the parts, even a turbo kit ( IF THAT EXCITES YOU) lol .
Check out TSUKIGI, I put a front to back 4-2-1 system on mine when I bought it and love it. Fairly quiet at idle but has a health tone when in the gas. In the first video I believe this is the "Cannon" system, got the shorter can on it.
Suzuki Hayabusa w/Tsukigi Exhaust - YouTube[/url] In this second video is ( plz excuse the Cow ) the Racing system, with the longer can.
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