Engine cut out 6th gear

Cruising at 90mph, 6th gear, 4500revs. After about 20 - 30 minutes the engine cuts out for about 10 - 15 seconds, then cuts back in with power almost ripping my arms out.

The problem continues to happen until I come off the motorway and ride around town as normal.

Doesn't seem to happen at 100+ mph.

Query; fuel pump/fuel filter/fuel injection?

Any ideas?
if it only happend once, and not again... I would suggest a loose ignition connection.

but if it happens again, I would prop up the tank and make sure none of the hoses were kinked. it can cause an intermittent long-run cutout. specially once it gets warm.

also depends on what year your bike is. 2000 and older had a in-line fuel filter inside the pump that would always cause havoc.

sounds like you are on the right track.
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Thanks for the info, I'll do some checking and let you know.

Anyone else have any information that might pertain to this problem?

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