2000 Busa engine cuts out at high speed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am having engine cut out problems with my 2000 busa, i can ride around town all day and stay below 85 mph my bike acts and ride very well. But when I get into it and run at a high speed it cuts out and after a few seconds the engine starts back up again. I have replaced the entire fuel pump with a new one and fuel lines, and the issue is still happening. I have noticed that when engine cuts out CHEC shows up where the clocks and the water temp goes to hot. I dont know if the kick stand switch or the engine cut off switch has anything to do with this. Thanks for the help :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
I would check out the kickstand switch for sure if the bike shuts off all the way. If it's just missing or skipping it may be a fuel problem. I had my injectors cleaned, and it solved a hesitation problem I had. Also if it's just missing rather than shutting down, make sure your battery is up to par. Your bike also has a tip over switch. I believe I have seen post where the switch mount broke causing the bike to shut down. Hope you find the problem. :welcome: to the org.
So what did you finally find that was causing you bike to do that? I have an 04 that's doing the same thing. It cuts out at 90mph and kicks back on at 85mph (6th Gear). The FI light starts flashing afterward. I see on a lot of threads that you should check the kickstand but, seriously, how could that be a problem when the engine cuts out at a specific speed every time?