Anyone solving cutting engine problems?


After reading the posts on this forum it seems like cutting engine problems are very common in hyabusas.

Since my busa (mod 2000) started cutting off at high speeds what should I check?

1. The fuel pump - filters.

If problem continues what else? Anyone who has solved similar problems please help...
Mine cut out at 8,000 rpm. The dealer replaced the fuel pump and it has been running great since.

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the only ones I ever heard about were related to the idle screw.
After I adjusted mine only never was an issue again.
1 - fuel lines under the tank get kinked sometimes
2 - fuel filter
3 - fuel pump

90% of the time if it is a high-rpm cut-off issue, it is the fuel pump... but check the obvious and the inexpensive first.
my cousin had a problem with his 03. the bike slowed down a lot at the drag strip and would cut off after the burn out or after a pass once you get out of the throttle. We changed fuel filter and pump, power commander, ignition, plugs and it still didnt solve problem and continued to be off 2 to 3 tenths at the drag strip.
Finally we replace the TPS BINGO!!!!! problem solved.............
we had an 03 that was cutting out at 8000 only in first gear.. it ended up being the ecm. too bad the only way to check it is with a known good one and im sure everyone has about 10 of those laying around.