Electrical Trouble Shooting---Basic Tests and Diagnosis

Kiwi Rider

For all the members here that are interested in knowing and understanding more about how to figure out what the hell is wrong with your bike's electrics, and how to diagnose and repair faults quickly and effectively, here's an excellent video series by a 50 year veteran in the auto-electrical trade, I think he may just have a few tips and tricks to share . . . well worth watching!

Please, don't sit there and go "this will be well over my head so I'll pass thanks!",
It's really well presented in terms and explanations that the average home mechanic can come to grips with . .


Kiwi Rider

I got tired of waiting so I just went ahead and put it up myself!

I'm kinda generalizing here, but the thing I've noticed about mechanics, and I've worked with many over a 40 year stint in the automotive industry, is that overall they are reluctant to work on electrical issues, they have no problem changing a motor or fitting new bearings and synchros to a gearbox, but that fuse that keeps blowing??
"Nah . . send that out to an auto electrician, they know how to sort that out"
To be fair, I've also met a few mechanics that are very well trained in automotive electrical theory and have no problem attacking faults, and some real unusual faults that have everyone else in the shop stumped!
OK, granted, it can be complicated when dealing with hundreds of wires and connectors and relays, wiring diagrams can be hard to read, they can even be hard to find, but when a problem on your bike( or car ) with the electrics crops up, it pays to know where to start with testing and checking and knowing the common causes of electrical faults . . . usually bad connections, first place to look.
Anyway, that's enough from me at the moment, and C10, feel free to share your thoughts, I know you have a ton of experience on this subject!

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