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As quoted below can we import maps from others besides dyn,bazzaz Etc?
Also can you save all the stock values to put the ECU back to original
How many times can the ECU safely be flashed?
Does the Canadian Busa's or UK Models have the same restrictions as the US models?
If the UK or Canadian models are not restricted is it possible to dump the ECU from one of the other countries an put it into the US ECU?
Is it true the the busa's power in the first 4 gears is cut back( limited)?
Reason i have asked all questions above is a few guys i ride with think i'm
nuts:laugh: for going to play with the stock ECU instead of just buying a power commander and Etc.
Thanks maddogs_1340

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More questions. When will anyone have the harness done for this thing? I thought I saw 2 weeks so that is ok but let me know. Also, since we can change all the fuel and timing maps, can you cut and paste numbers from dynojet or bazzaz? I mean for the people that don't have a dyno and don't have access to one, location or cost, is there any way to not just go in there and blindly start changing values? I mean it would be great to take a map that dynojet made and copy and paste it into this software but can this be done? Anyone have any details on this? THanks for the info and waiting for the harness to be sold.


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so here's some info for you. Both the power commander and bazzaz have you making percentage changes to the fuel map. So your starting values are all 0

With the ecu editor your changing the actual fuel values in the ECU. so if in cell rpm=9000 & TP=80% the value is say 43. So when you make a change in that cell you would go (44,45,46,etc) or down (42,41,40, etc).
The ignition maps are setup the same way. So in other words you couldn't take you PC or Bazzaz map and simply copy & paste.

As for keeping the stock values it isn't needed. The way the process works is that you have the stock *.bin file included with the software. Using the software you make your changes to the maps, save it with a different name and flash the ecu with the new file. So if you wanted to go back to stock you would just have to recall the original *.bin file, make no changes to it, and then re-flash the ecu again. As far as what the limits are to how many times you can flash the ECu, I don't think anyone has discovered a limit to this yet.

There's lots to read about the ecu editor software. I would recomend visiting boostbysmith's site for some additional information. Once you've gone down this route your kick yourself for not doing it sooner and laugh at tother who are still buying PC's, etc.

I can say that because I've had a Yosh EMS, BTC, PC, Bazzzaz, and a few other products that the ecu editor has since replaced.


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All good info..looking forward to more on this topic in the future..:thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies.
Well looks like i got some work ahead of me trying to convert a Brock's and power commander map.
Maybe soon someone on the site could lend a another busa owner some help
on converting the maps. Looks easy but will see:banghead:.
Thanks maddog


Well i do not know who could do it for me in my area.
Max Hp would be great.But would like to have my unit a bit rich to avoid a
nuclear meltdown. Keep it a bit fat for the street add racefuel for raceday and be right in the max HP. Just my thoughts for my 09 White one.:laugh:

why not just have the bike dyno tuned for max hp?

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