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So I was looking thought the site, and found this mod of Flashing the ECU. So that naturally brought up question. Maybe you guys who know can help me...

Is it worth it to flash for a sock bike with air box mod, and full exhaust upgrade?
if it is what Rev limit setting should I use?
should I have them place the ECU engine kill switch.?

On the same note is the Carpenter Clutch mod, worth $80, to get an install with a new set of clutch plates. Im sure the bike has all orignal parts, has 8k miles on it. I'm new to doing service on bikes, but I have taken this on to learn.

This ride is my project bike, I ride her all the time, to work and on track days, for fun. Im not going to race her or drag her.

Thank You for your input



Formerly known as viperblackbusa.
ECU editor is a good thing no matter mods or not. Have them remove the rev limit and the retardation of gears 1-4 ...also have them remove the top end limit. If you have full exhaust etc...i would suggest custom map. No need for pc or anything else. As for the clutch...i dont see a need for it unless its causing you troubles.


What viper said. Also i had them turn off pair value, o2 and it seems like a couple of other things. If you have one of the sight sponsors do it there is a list of things they change standard.


Ryan at Schnitz racing did my 2008 Ecu reflash and tuned the bike also. He now's his stuff. He also did two of my friends bikes also Busas but stock they both said they could notice that bikes run better down in the lower gears after the re-flash. As far as the clutch mod I did the carpenter kit with the spacer and springs got reid of clutch noise. Ryan was very help full and great to talk to.

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