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I need a clear upclose pic of the cable you use to download the map into a PC3R.  I know it's a 9pin connecter, but i need to see what Dynojet's cable looks like. I've got a friend that's trying to load his PC3R with a regular 9pin cable and it aint working.

Thats what I have just a normal serial cable. Make sure he doesnt have a null modem 9 pin cable the pinouts are different than serial.
Here you go... typical cable.

That's the cable i have. It's not working. It says "port not connected, try a different communications port"  Like the computer is not reading the PC3R.
I've noticed that most newer computers have a 15pin connector and wonder if i need some type of mixed connector using a 9 and 15pin dual ends. That is, if it even works.
So what i have now is your standard 9pin cable hooked to the PC3R and my laptop, and neither devices reconizing each other. It's not the PC3 won't accept the maps, i can't even establish a connection.
I have the laptop set up for the PC3R software. It's on the same disc you get with the USB.
(GMbusa @ May 26 2007,00:03) I have the laptop set up for the PC3R software. It's on the same disc you get with the USB.
I dont remember seeing that,I downloaded the SW from the site,the R version works a bit different,I had to go to the site and print the directions for the R version.
(rockadaous @ May 25 2007,02:10) I use the usb cable provided with the kit
Did it come with the 9pin to USB or are you talking about a PC3usb?

They're different birds.
Just got off the phone with Dynojet. They said that there is a port reference in the PC3R menu.  I have to check ports 1-8 and that even though it has an auto finding feature, that it's better to check each one.  Then i have to make sure the 9pin port on the laptop is working and that the computer hasn't turned the port off to save power.  

If all else fails i have a big hammer i can force the map into it.    
Well after 3 different laptops we found one that works. The map loaded and were good. FYI For the average rider outthere, skip the PC3R and go for the ragular PC3usb. You'll thank me later.