Dyno #'s


heres the dyno chart.

the bike is completely stock except for exhaust/intake and pair valve mod.  I took off the pair valves and slapped on the blockoff plates.  Other than that it has 4500 miles on it its about 1 year old.  and the chain is stock and clean.  Tires are stock battleax tires.  Thats all i can think of.  I think what might have played a factor was the weather.  It was hot as ####!  about 97degrees.  The first run at 152hp is with all mods with the dynojet map.  I really appreciate everyones input.  if yall think this doesnt look like it should let me know.


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Whats the difference b/w the #1 and 2 runs? You said #1 was with the mods and PC, but what about #2? If it were the same, no adjustments, then the DA played a nice role on performance, as well, whats the time b/w for cool down, was the #1 run done hot?
to be specific i have a bmc race filter,akro full exhaust and pc3usb  well the runs that were done he left the bike on running and just took a cig break for about 5-7mins then got back on it and started using tuning link.  he never shut the bike down. Other than that i think he only dynoed it acouple times before i could really understand what he really was doing. the first run i had was done with the modified map from dynojet on the cd that came with my pc3.  Thats about it as far as i can say but thanks for your input.


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I'm not a big know it all in the Busa world (or anywhere else really
), but aren't your numbers rather low for full exhaust, filter, airbox and tune? If it were a loading type dyno (not sure there is such a thing for motorcycles) or the tire was placed too far off the crest of the roller, etc.. that could attribute to the lower output.
I agree with CAT3! My Busa has a BMC filter, pc3 with the K&N Filter Map, stock exhaust and I ran a 153.4HP. Conditions were 80.0 degrees with 7 % humidity in Texas. It is hard to believe that you are pushing 6 more hp than me with all of that. You might want to get a second opinion!
Sounds like lots of power to me! I've heard that forced air in the vents makes a difference, as well as sea level height etc. I have just completed the stock exhause drill out in the mod section, a new Smart tre, and a PC II upgrade. Once I map it all out I will post my changes if any in Horsepower. My last dyno's best was 148 on a stock 2000 with a K&N and 31,000 miles. Who knows what will happen? Sometimes I think it makes a difference if it was made at 10 minutes to five on a Friday, or not. lol