my first dyno


ok. so I went to EPC here in dayton today. they had a nice bikini bike wash and dyno run for charity so i decided to stop in and get my first dyno. Now last week Craig at EPC put a pc3 with brock map and an alien head with an airbox mod on the bike. already had the pair valve done. Thast is nothing else. engine is stock. Did the dyno and did 3 pulls and got 184 and two 186's out of it with i think about 108lbs of torque.
Oh and im running -1+2 on the sprockets. The interesting thing is that I was wondering what my top speed would actually be with the sprocket change. Apparently its 171mph. thats when the rev limiter hit. Now I do have a speedo healer on it so those numbers should be close.
As to the dyno. well, I know squat about this sort of stuff but even I can see that this is way to high I think. I mean maybe 175hp. I mean maybe. I dont know. Any way, either way it was fun. and once again a big thanks to Craig and everyone at EPC who did such a great job for me.:thumbsup:

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