Dog bone bolt/nut


Ok.  I went to put on my +1 links.  The nut was basically welded on & therefore I ended up stripping both sides so I cut it off.

Question – Lowe’s has some bolts that are the same.  Can I go with these or order through the stealership and wait 1.5 wks for them to come in?

i would think that a bolt from lowes would be fine i would just get a good strength bolt though, probably cheaper to than from the dealer
To determine the strength of a bolt look at the head of it & count the # of raised radial lines. No lines is a soft bolt, use them to hold your fence or gate in place. Called low strength steel they have a tensil strength of 60,000 psi. Not something you want to use if you value your life.

3 lines is a grade 5 & is used as a general service bolt. You may want something stronger for suspension service. Grrade 5 has a tensil strength of 120,000psi.

Grade 8 is about the best sae bolt & has a minimium tensil strength of 150,000 psi. They have 6 marks on the head.

Stay away from stainless steel bolts, many are are as soft as the low strength steel ones.

Metric bolts are marked with numerals on the head.
8.8 is equilivent to an SAE grade 5 bolt.
10.9 is equilivent to an SAE grade 8 bolt.
<span style='color:green'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>And don't make the mistake of using a grade 8 in place of a grade 5! 8 will snap from side stress, made for clamp force, 5 will bend a bit!</span></span>