does anybody want this stuff before i throw it away!!!


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2 complete pair systems
stock chain with 6k miles
stock brake bar powder coated black
extended brake bar
have a pair of clear front lenses not pictured
top clamp cover
stock brake and clutch lines with around 4500 miles on them
grab bar stripped to bare metal

Gen 1 front fork assembly with 7k miles in perfect working order will take $400 shipped for it
also have gen 1 front and rear calipers with 7k miles on them. rebuilt fronts last year rear probably needs rebuilt as i never use the rear brake have been powder coated candy red $100 shipped will post a pic later
make offer on the rest or its going in the trash :laugh:

If that chain is 114 links I'll take it. Don't think the gen1 had that many links though. I'll pay shipping and buy you a 12 pack :)
i'll take the clear front me your paypal address and an amount :beerchug: