Do I need a power commander?


I'm finally getting ready to do a couple of modifications and I'm wondering if I must have a power commander now or I can wait a little while. I just bought a Yosh RS-3 full system and decided to remove the pair valve while I'm doing this. The question is would I run the risk of damaging the engine doing this without remapping the fuel injection? Thanks for the help.
I would like to help, but don't know the answer...someone out there will be able to assist..sooner if not later....Byfornow
PS i also would like to know..heard of a flat spot in the powerband around 3 k rpm without a PC.
I have the RS 3 full system and removed the pair valve at the same time. I rode the bike somewhere between 300-500 miles before I could get the cash for the Power Commander. It seemed to do fine but was kinda flat at real low rpms, it really did better than I expected. After the power commander install, I installed yosh map included on disk, it did alot better on low end. When the rpms get above 5000, it seems to come on pretty good with or without the pc. If it don't seem right without the pc, pull the sparkplugs and check, if it's off much you will be able to tell it. Good luck, you'll like the pipe. Tim
You do not need the PC to run safe. You do need it to get max. performance out of your system. I would not even bother with the pair valve.
Save up a little extra and get the Yosh EMS. Advance the low RPM timing for gears 1-3 and toss the TRE if you have one. If you have a 2001+, replace the TRE resistor with a 4.38 V diode.

The bike might run a bit crappy in certain ranges, but it won't hurt anything. Just remember, with exhaust and intake changes, leaving fuel and timing alone, more volume = more horsepower = less torque.
removing the pair without a pc can apparantly lead to some backfires , with some brands of pipes . And backfiring means something aint right . I have tuned bikes to get rid of backfiring on bikes with after market systems lots of times.
Contrary to popular belief, it's not always because of too much juice(running rich) it's because their were runnin' lean.
If yer runnin' lean,you can usually expect an extra horse or 2.
You can also expect to run hotter . Back pressure has changed .... yadda yadda yadda .
If it was me....leave the pipe off,till you decide on something to re-map . You bought a pipe,removed the pair,to get more horse....great...get more horse....I'd just be doing it right . I'm trying to decide on a pipe right now,aswell . First thing I did was checked around to find the nearest shop with a dyno AND preferably an' exhaust gas analyzer. May aswell do it right . I'll want to be in there too, doin my own calculatuions also . Not a pro....but I love to learn .
Have a good 1....