digital spedometer??


my friend just bought a new busa and he was wondering if and how much it would be to install a digital spedomter.  He has a all back busa

TommyB  :)
Heh.. that's one of the main things I like about the 'busa.. one of the few new sportbikes that still has the needle speedo..
I saw a busa with a digital bicycle speedometer. It had a magnetic pickup mounted on the tire or rotor and the module mounted on the tripple clamp. (an additional trip computer) It was badd ass. It held your top speed and trip and all kinds of info. Ill try to find the unit on the net and post it here.
Rabtech, that setup is cool.

I love the needle. Had digital on my RC51. It sucks. You have to actually read it, rather than a quick glance to check your speed.