problems .....


My friend is a beginner rider and he just bought a used yamaha r6. i told him not to but u think he listened . . . . he already dumped it. anyways i rode it and it sounds like theres a lot of whinin from the fuel tank. anybody know the solution to this prob. thnx

TommyB :D
Typically fuel tanks don't whyne. It is a carburated bike so there is no fuel pump. There is really nothing to make such a noise in the fuel tank.
Check to see if maybe a case side got smashed and the alternator is rubbing against it. If it was dropped on the right side, the clutch may be rubbing, but if it was smashed that bad, it should be leaking oil.
Good luck!
Yeah, Trade it in for a Suzuki GSXR 600. Sorry dude, I couldn't resist. Sorry to hear about that. I had a friend do the same thing. Never been on a bike in his life. So, I tell him to get a 600. Nah, he bought a TLR 1000. Not the fast thing out there, but torquey enough to wheelie like a dirt bike. He dumped it the first day. Lucky him, they both landed in the grass.:O Problem is, nothing got hurt. Now he's not afraid at all.:( And that's how folks get hurt good. Oh well. Some people have to learn the hard way. Take it easy.
it has to be the clutch cause he did drop it on the right side, but i dont think its leakin oil. i dont know anything about an r6 actually and its not even my bike. anyways i think theres a lot more damage to be done to it. he should just trade it in for a cbr 600 . . . oh well i guess he'll learn hoe to ride a bike the hard way :drink: