DHMO - A worldwide threat!


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Companies have been getting away with this for years and everybody should know about it. Why is it still going on?

Get more information about Dihydrogen Monoxide! Don't you guys think it should be banned to?

DHMO is the most prevalent greenhouse gas. It causes more global warming than carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane combined.

DHMO is a colorless, odorless constituent of many known toxic substances, diseases, and disease-causing agents.

DHMO has lead to many environmental hazards, accelerates erosion, is the primary component of acid rain, and has a profound impact on wild life. The damage is costing billions of dollars.

DHMO has many immediate, personal dangers. Found in volumes as small as a single vial, it can cause second and even third degree burns if it contacts bare skin. Death frequently results from the accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in reletively small amounts.

DHMO has even been found in tumors excised from cancer patients.

Companies all over the world, especially in the US have been dumping tons of DHMO into lakes, rivers, and even realeasing it in its gasious form right into the atmoshpere!

Find out more about this at
You'd be surprised how many people will sign petitions for that without checking into it. They did a test here at UCO.. In one hour, two students got 200 signatures on a petition to ban it. It really scares me how lazy people are...
I am ready to sign Dustman!

I found out that DHMO makes up a significant portion of many Imported and Domestic Beers, How the Hell can the US and other countries let this happen?

Oh my god, I just realised I've been drinking over 2 liters of pure liquid DHMO a day for the last 15 years of my life ... What are the consequences of this? Hair-loss? Cancer? Aids? Spontanious pregnancy? Having an irritating character? Constant annoying babbling?


I guess I just filter the DHMO after a few beers!


I love when vegetarians say "I'm eating xyz product because it's all natural", and I say "Everything is all natural, including arsenic"

Everything is horrible, we're all gonna die!!!!!