Derestrict '02 busas


I heard from a saleman(yes at a dealer) that there is a TRE for the '02 busas. Anyone know where to get one?
Sounds good to me!!


Would I be able to talk you into giving an explanation in real-world terms of what's involved with that? It's not that I have no experience with mechanics, but quite honestly, autoshop (and owning dirtbikes) in high school was my last real experience, and that was 16 years ago.

What's this resistor, and how/where/when is it installed, etc.?

Your cryptic post makes it sound easy to do, is this true?

LOL, a resistor is not mechanical , it goes on a circute board to restrict the flow of electricity. They have 4-5 color bands indicating there resistance and tolerance, I never seen and electronic device without them.
Yes, dude. I know what a resistor is. I've built my share of sound engineering projects for guitar amps, etc.

But I've never messed with an engine that has EFI, and really don't know what is involved with Suzuki's T.R.

But thanks for the disparaging (and completely unhelpfull) comment.
Sorry, didnt mean to be offensive, just sounded like you thought it was mechanical.

You did say "What's this resistor, and how/where/when is it installed, etc.?", that to me sounds like you dont know what a resistor is.
I was thinking maybe Narc has a part number for the resistor, to help avoid getting the wrong thing.

No worries.